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nneji samson
nneji samsonThe OverWallet app has made it easier even for novices to gain knowledge of blockchain.
Okafor Kelvinlaw
Okafor KelvinlawThe best app I have ever come across. Always updated and community-friendly. The core team seems to know what they are doing.
Alu Godwin
Alu GodwinIt is smooth and easy. The interface is friendly and easy to use as well. I am highly expectant of this wonderful project.
Michael Paul
Michael PaulEasy to navigate, with no frequent need for updating the app. Features and additional information are made available each time without updating the app.
Asset image
Asset image
AssetSafely manage your assetsSafely manage your assets with OverWallet. Sending and receiving assets is effortless.
Link OverNode image
Link OverNode image
Link OverNodeAlways Linked to Your NodeMonitor and safeguard your node anytime, anywhere through OverWallet.
Palm-Staking image
Palm-Staking image
Palm-StakingUtilize your OVER WiselyGet involved in the OverProtocol with minimal effort
History image
HistoryEasily track your transaction historyYour transactions and activities are human-readable.
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