Run a Node,Be a Validator.A new lifestylefor Supernormals
Open Beta Testnet season 2 is coming soon!
Node ,
Run a node at home.Over Protocol allows you to run a node on your PC, enabling you to experience a streamlined interface.
Join home staking.Run a node and participate in home staking. Over Protocol is open to anyone who wants to contribute and earn Over.
Home ,
Lifestyle .
Enjoy a new lifestyle.Home staking paves the way for a new lifestyle, empowering ordinary individuals to become supernormals.
On your Palm
The OverWallet will assist you in onboarding onto the Over Protocol. Engage in daily missions to become Supernormal.
Applicationswithin your reach.
On your Desk
The OverNode, serving as your console for the Over Protocol, offers a streamlined interface and home staking