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Starting from March 13, 2024Join the Open Beta Testnet Season 2 !
What is OBT #2?
Before we proceed to the mainnet, it’s crucial to conduct thorough testing in various key areas of OverProtocol. This encompasses tooling such as OverWallet and OverNode, ensuring stability, security, and enhancing user experience. To encourage sufficient participation, the testnet is incentivised for participants.
What can I do in OBT #2?
You can run a node via desktop application ‘OverNode’, contributing to consensus of OverProtocol. Additionally you can engage in staking via the mobile application ‘OverWallet’, maximizing your assets. Please let us know about your experience with OverProtocol. All of your feedback is valuable to us for improving our project.
Who is eligible?
Anyone with OverWallet account can participate in OBT #2, but only those who have collected points in OverWallet can receive grants(OVER for testing).
Home-staking & Palm-staking
Home-staking: Participants engage in consensus by operating a node on OverNode, potentially leading to higher rewards. Palm-staking: Users can stake OVER directly via OverWallet without additional procedures, with rewards potentially being relatively lower.
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Run your own nodeOver Protocol allows you to run a node on your PC, enabling you to experience a streamlined interface.
Start staking from homeRun a node and participate in home staking. Over Protocol is open to anyone who wants to contribute and earn Over.
Enjoy a new lifestyle.Home staking paves the way for a new lifestyle, empowering ordinary individuals to become supernormals.