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logoOverNode is the most comprehensive blockchain node.
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Testers from 127 countries
**015@gmail.comThis is my first time running a node, it was a very memorable experience. Cool features, a very good interface, and monitoring that is easy for us.
**vie@gmail.comThe UI is wonderfully designed so that anyone can operate it intuitively. This will be ready to spread to people who are not familiar with crypto!
**a65@gmail.comThis is my first experience participating in such events. Thanks to you, I became interested in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
**.24@gmail.comExtremely friendly interface. Easy to use without having to master any command lines. Fast support and good interaction with the community.
In mere moments
Effortless Blockchain Access
Introducing all-in-one console that revolutionizes the way you interact with blockchain, making it feel almost tangible.
Node with small size
Blockchain Node In your PC
Kickstart your journey as a supernormal with just a small space to run your blockchain node.
Free Entry, Simple Earnings
Become a Validator Realize Your Yield
Stand as a validator with your own node. You don't have to be a developer - welcome to a new era of blockchain empowerment
Only with Over
Other blockchains
  • Command line control
  • High resources
  • Hard to use
  • Graphics & Mouse control
  • Low resources
  • Easy to use
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