Towards True Decentralization
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Our mission is centered around fostering inclusivity, making a blockchain protocol accessible to all. This principle is fundamental to our aim of constructing a genuinely decentralized blockchain network. Our vision is to create a global peer-to-peer network that welcomes contributions from individuals worldwide, enhancing its security and stability through collective collaboration. Think of OverProtocol as a blockchain protocol for Home Staking, enabling participation in the blockchain network directly from personal computers and devices.
Overcoming existing challenges
High Resource RequirementsOverProtocol takes on the challenge of high resource requirements in the blockchain space with innovative solutions. Extensive data accumulation and resource-intensive demands have historically led to issues of centralization, excluding everyday users. To counter this, OverProtocol introduces a data hierarchy and leverages Ethanos technology for efficient data partitioning between layers. This approach dramatically reduces the network's resource demands, resulting in a blockchain system with a limited state size—up to 20 times lighter than conventional methods. As a result, OverProtocol becomes far more accessible to users with varying hardware capabilities.
Restricted ParticipationIn the traditional landscape, numerous blockchain networks face participation limitations, often favoring a privileged few entities with substantial capital, notably in systems like Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). This setup can lead to an undesirable concentration of power and control, posing risks for individuals who delegate their assets to these centralized entities. In contrast, OverProtocol champions a more inclusive consensus mechanism. This means that a larger number of participants can take part in block validation, reducing the concentration of power. By broadening the pool of participants and implementing mechanisms for accountability, OverProtocol promotes a more decentralized and inclusive consensus protocol, mitigating the issues associated with restricted participation.
Technical ComplexityIn many existing systems, the complexity of cryptographic keys, wallet management, and transaction processes can be overwhelming for users. Additionally, unfriendly user interfaces and convoluted procedures discourage mainstream adoption. OverProtocol addresses these issues by prioritizing user-friendliness and accessibility. It simplifies node setup and network interactions, making them more intuitive and less daunting for users of varying expertise levels. By improving user interfaces and streamlining procedures, OverProtocol ensures that blockchain technology is not only technically advanced but also welcoming and inclusive, ultimately fostering wider adoption and making blockchain more accessible to all.